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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you receive my email?

All emails we receive during the day is answered during the day also. If you sent us an email, it is 100% sure that our editor has read it. Sometimes, the answer takes time since we get a lot of emails in a day.

Once we receive an instruction from you, we automatically process it and send it to your writer first. This way we are able to start with your paper immediately.

You may also chat with us online. Due to our increasing demand from our loyal clients, we opened our own online chat / customer division to assist you in your questions. Our customer service chat system is online from 8 am to 6 pm, Hong Kong time. We will be extending this to 12 midnight very soon. This way, you can chat with us anytime.

Should you order from us, please fill up the order form. Once you fill up our order form, you're instructions are automatically processed. Automatically processed means that a writers is already preparing your paper.

We operate in a First Come, First Out basis. So if you order from us early, you will also receive your paper early too.

We rarely process rush orders, unless if you are a regular customer.

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When and how can I update the status of my order?

Once you fill up the order form and made the payment, we will process your paper right away.
You will receive it on your due date.

How to set your due date?

Please do not place the actual deadline of submission. Please allow at least 2 to 3 days lead time so you can go over your paper and edit it according to your writing style.

Our working days are from Mondays to Fridays only. We do not work on weekends.
Orders we receive on Friday to Sunday are processed first thing Monday morning.

If you want to inquire about the status of your paper, you may go to our customers link

As a standard rule, we will only process paid orders. They are our priority so please do not delay your payment since we operate on a first come, first serve basis.

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I have not receive my payment receipt from 2checkout?

Receipts from our credit card provider 2checkout or 2CO, take some time to arrive in your email. Once you have successfully paid your order, you do not have to worry about it. We will get the receipt of your payment instantly and we will process your order right away. You will also receive a Confirmation of Payment Reply from us within the day.

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How do I know if you are good at what you do?

Only our previous and current customers can guarantee the good quality and attentive service that we provide them. However, we have posted a lot of our written samples on our samples page.

If you are wondering where we got this examples, these examples are actual answers from actual inquiries. Not all who filled up our order form pushes through with their order. Instead, we still answer it and we use it as a sample paper.

We offer sample papers so that when you order from us, you will know what to expect. The kind of writing you will receive. Our writing is fairly simple but rich in content. Your supervisor or teacher is looking for content. Remember, if your paper is so polished and uses very difficult words then definitely they will suspect. Always bear in mind that they have an idea on the way you write.

So it is important that once you receive your paper from us, it is your responsibility to edit it according to your style of writing. You may add additional information on your paper or you may change it according to your style.

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What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that:

  1. We entertain your inquiries first. We like you to know us better.

  2. We protect and value the privacy of our clients. We work discreetly.

  3. We follow your instructions in detail. Making your paper entirely your own.

  4. We do not employ "promises" and "discount tactics" just to get your order.
    We rather have referrals from happy customers.

  5. Our fees are reasonable and within budget.

  6. Our primary goal is to complete your paper and submit it on time.

  7. Our work is a partnership - whereby you supply the instructions and we prepare a well-written and well-researched paper.

  8. A well written paper always gets passing mark. GUARANTEED ! - no doubt about it.       

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Can you write assignments for mental health nursing students in the UK?

Yes, we can handle all topics. We get a lot of nursing papers. All you need is to provide us your complete instructions. Simple and very convenient.

We can handle topics on Nursing, Management, Business, MBA assignments, Information Technology, Computer Science and many others.

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How sure am I that you are not a scam?

We have been assisting students and professionals since 1997.

We started offering writing services online with the aim of helping students and professionals write into words their ideas. With this, countless other websites have mushroomed, some even blatantly copied the name "ivy" and the layout of our site.

Nevertheless, the driving force of our organization is our existing clients. They have referred to us their friends, colleagues and classmates. They are the only people who could guarantee our work.

Please read the actual feedbacks at our home page. This may enlighten you.  

Our assistance is all the way. Our goal is for you to complete your paper and submit it on time.

1.       Our fee is reasonable. A reasonable price for topnotch research work!

2.       Our work is a partnership, whereby you supply us the instructions and related materials that you like us to include in your research. We will prepare a well-written research paper based on that.

3.       You yourself will use this paper to enhance what you have written or include it in your existing research.

4.       A well-written paper always get a passing mark. GUARANTEED ! - and this is based on our experience.

5.   We provide you a physical presence. We have a telephone number to call and an address where you can send your materials.

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What do you mean by "we write your paper"?

"We write your paper" means that we write a paper based on your instructions.
We will write a well merited research on your subject and it is up to you to decide on what to do with this paper. It is your property and we only provide the writing part of it. You may incorporate additional information and edit it according to your writing style.

Our service is only custom writing, meaning writing from scratch. Writing over the years, have provide us a lot of amazing comments from our customers.
This is primarily due to the good partnership between us and our customer ( you ). As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

The research we do is never perfect. We do not have control of what's on the mind of your professors. But what we have control of is the quality of our research.

We  are proud to say that all our customers have successfully graduated and moved on with their careers. Websites with "PROMISES OF HIGH GRADE" and "Guaranteed 2:1" are too good to be true.

Our fees are reasonable because we are a company of research writers. Experience is the best teacher. We have handled a wide range of subjects and very difficult papers.

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What grade can I expect from my paper?

As previously mentioned, we do not have control on the mind of your professor.

Grading a paper is a subjective one. However, if your paper has good research on it, you are confident that you will get a good mark. This is what we guarantee.

Based on actual emails we receive, we can proudly rate ourselves as an competent "A" writing service. You can read actual emails we receive from our clients and what their advisers have commented on our work. 

Our customers are generally satisfied on the work we do. We base this from actual feedbacks we receive. And at the same time the huge amount of orders we receive from referrals. 

We are not here just to get your business. We aim to be your long term writing partner. If we assess that we cannot meet your requirements, we will not accept your order. We even provide you possible sources of remedy. 

We offer complete writing solutions on almost all topics. We service any writing need.

Feedbacks from our clients are astoundingly remarkable.

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Why should I avail of your service ? 

Avail of our writing services because of these reasons :

  • we deliver a well-merited and comprehensive paper originally written following your paper instructions

  • our writing work is evidenced and validated by numerous and astoundingly remarkable feedbacks by clients all over the world

  • our fees are reasonable and easy on the budget

  • we write to our clients and attend to them with honesty and sincerity

  • our writers are capable of doing difficult papers thus our experience is the best teacher
    we put premium on our work, so all our writers are employed by the company

  • we do not make a lot of  "promises" and unbelievable assurances just to get your order
    we let you read our samples so you are better informed
    no tricks, just honest assistance

  • we rely heavily on referrals and repeat customers
    our customers are our lifeblood, their comments are very important to us
    we always aim to provide better service at all times
    if you are happy, we are happy

  • feedbacks from our clients are astoundingly remarkable
    a testament that we are good at what we do

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How can I pay through Paypal?

You may pay using your own currency through PayPal.

You may pay in Malaysian Ringgit, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, British Pounds and Hong Kong Dollars.

Just make a payment to this email address -

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Are my details kept confidential?

YES. We value our customers.

We never sent out mails unless we are asking about your orders.

Our customers are generally satisfied on the work we do. We base this from actual feedbacks we receive.
And at the same time the huge amount of orders we receive from referrals. 

We are not here just to get your business. We aim to be your long term writing partner. If we assess that we cannot meet your requirements, we will not accept your order. We even provide you possible sources of remedy. 

We offer complete writing solutions on almost all topics.  

We practice complete confidentiality.

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Will the dissertation structure be the same in the UK?

Regardless of what country you are from, we will follow your own school's outline.

If you want your essays to follow the way your teacher wants, then please provide us a sample so we could follow it.

We normally request you to provide us your own outline so it would be truly customized according to your requirements.

We only do custom written work and we never send you work that is entirely different structure from what you have provided us.

We have provided writing services to almost all countries worldwide.

Feedbacks from our clients are astoundingly remarkable. You can read it here.

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Will you do revisions to my paper?

Yes we do.
However, please give us time to do it. Plus the standard per page fee will apply.
Revisions are a good indicator that your paper is ok. It means that your adviser just need additional information pertinent to your paper.

Always be inquisitive on the comments of your adviser. We will help you with the revisions. Our primary aim is for you to pass. The fee will only apply to additional pages that you may need.       

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Will my paper be given to anyone else?


We value our clients so much. Your privacy is our utmost concern. We work discreetly.

On your part, please use your own personal email when communicating with us. Avoid using office emails that can be seen and accessed aside from you. We also suggest that you read our emails at the privacy of your own home. Make sure that you delegate a specific folder that needs a password to access. Avoid using your school's email, just a precaution.

We are very discreet and your confidentiality is our top priority.

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What if my adviser rejects my thesis?

We never had a thesis that was  rejected. NEVER.
Thesis writing takes time. In our case, we will work together in 1 to 3 months.

Your chapters are given individually for you to edit and incorporate to your work. Usually our clients have it checked with their supervisor or tutors.
Sometimes, we get papers that need revisions. Revisions are a good indicator that your paper is ok. It means that your adviser just need additional information pertinent to your paper.

Always be inquisitive on the comments of your adviser. We will help you with the revisions. Our primary aim is for you to pass.

Standard revisions fees will apply. Our revision fee is the same as our regular writing fee.
The fees will only apply to additional pages.

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Can I send in articles & books for my paper?

A lot of clients send us their books, articles and any written material that can be of use for their paper.

Please use Airborne Express, Fed Ex (though this is quite expensive), United Postal Service (have it registered), DHL (takes only 3 days)  or through your respective country's postal mail. Please have it registered so there would be no incidence of loss.

We receive it after 3 days to 7 days after you have sent it. We will confirm it through email once we get hold of your materials. We will send back your materials to you through registered mail at no fee.

Based from experience. Mail from Australia arrives within 7 days.

Mail from U.S and U.K. also within 7 days. Asia in 5 days.

Please email Vic at ivythesis@gmail.com for the address.

Furthermore, we have Toll Free Fax Lines. Don't forget to place your email on your document.

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Why is it necessary to make a payment right away?

We operate on a First Order, First Out basis.

We rarely accept rush order because it disrupts our schedule. All our writers are in house. This makes sure that the quality of your research is excellent. We are a writing company and we do not outsource our work to others. Our writers have been tested with difficult assignments from different universities worldwide.

Academic writing is a technique. Doing it everyday since 1997 have honed our skills.

What the difference today is that the topics become very difficult at the year passes. That's why we are always subscribing to reputable online reference libraries, with the purpose of providing you the best research writing service at a very affordable price.

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Benefits you get if you order from us

We work as a partnership whereby :

  • you provide your paper instructions and outline - we write the paper for you

  • this paper will enhance your existing research thus assuring a quality grade

  • having an assistant will let you focus more on important things such as your family and career

We always aim to deliver a well merited paper.

We get a lot of good feedbacks from our existing clients which in turn provide us a steady stream of referrals. Usually their colleagues, friends and classmates.

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  When can I receive my paper?

After placing your order, we aim to prepare it the soonest time as possible.
You can have your paper back in as early as 3 days. We do not employ different fees on the time your order is processed because we process orders on a First In, First Out basis. We found this to be very beneficial to both the customer and to us as well.

Customers who plan early and ask help right away will be given priority. We are able to deliver our papers on time because we employ good planning. We rarely accept rush orders since it is just a waste of time since the quality of research is not that good. Writing takes time. Although, we can deliver a paper the next day, but usually it would only be 10 pages or less.

Dissertation and thesis papers follows the a time frame. You can read more about this here.
Accounting, Law and Finance papers are difficult so this will take time. However, it will be sent to you on or before your due date.

Our work days are from Monday to Fridays, 9 to 7 pm, Hong Kong time.

  What topics can you assist?

We can write an ALL TOPICS & COURSES.

We are good at case study analysis, report writing, any paper assignment, any writing project or any writing assignment. We can write on any topic. Accounting, Financial Analysis, Computer Programming, Law Research Paper, or any topic.

Make sure that your instructions are clear. Clear and exact instructions will help your writer answer your paper correctly. Incorrect or missing instructions will cause delay.

Thesis and dissertation writing is our forte. We started with this service initially before we branched out with other writing services. It is through this service that we expanded to other writing projects as per request by our customers. Right now, we are also doing Math Problem Sets, due to our customers again.

We are the trusted assignment helper online.

  How much will it cost?

Our fees are simple.

Essay Writing = US$ 24 per page

Thesis Writing =  US$ 30 per page

You may also pay using your own currency. You may pay in Australian Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Malaysian Ringgit and British Pounds.

You can find all our payment details here.